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160th Anniversary

160th Anniversary of Harvey & Wheeler

2015 was our 160th anniversary and to mark this I have written a brief history of the firm which I hope to be able to expand on over the next few months and maybe years.

Having started the research I found there was a great more detail available to me that I was unable to expand on in this one article. In the future I hope to produce some biographies of Mr Harvey, of whom I know very little at the moment, and Mr Wheeler, who I do know a bit more about.

There were also some landmark and very interesting commercial properties we dealt with over the years and I would like to do some more research into some of these and put it on this site.

I have not gone into the details of some of the more interesting houses we have dealt with in Dulwich over the years. I do feel that as we are talking about people’s homes it would be best to avoid too much detail on line.

There is an old list of property in Dulwich from 1992 which makes interesting reading, particularly the asking prices and the sheer volume of property available at that time. I hope to get this scanned and on the site soon.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading about the history of Harvey & Wheeler and if there is anything you would like to add please contact me.

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