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Selling Your Property (Before You Go On The Market)

3271730262_25ef1d1fab_zWe’re often invited in to look at houses some time before the owners are ready to sell.  People can be very concerned as to what they ought to do to improve the chances of selling a house and, at the same time, maximise the value.

There is of course no easy answer, as every property we visit is unique with no two being quite the same.  However, there are some simple steps any property owner can take to improve the value of their house and make it much more attractive to buyers.

With any property it is easy to overlook general matters of maintenance.  We cannot stress highly enough the importance of external decoration.

The outside of your house is the first thing a buyer will see and, equally importantly, the first thing their surveyor will look at.  If it is in poor condition externally it can lead people to think that the whole house has not been properly looked after. Gutters should be cleared and clean and downpipes checked.

If you are thinking of selling your property go and have a look at the outside and see what you think of its condition.  It’s often worth getting a reputable roofer to have a look at the roof before you market your house too.  Roofs are expensive to replace and a badly maintained roof can be a significant hurdle after survey.

Internally, maintenance is top of my list for getting the best out of the sale of your house.  If something is broken fix it or replace it.  You don’t need to put a new bathroom or kitchen in just as long as they are serviceable and clean. In fact we almost always advise against putting in a new kitchen, and or bathroom in.  Both can be expensive to purchase and fit and are very rarely to the taste of the new buyer who would probably prefer to do their own thing anyway.

It can be off-putting to people who sometimes feel they are paying twice as they will have to take out the kitchen or bathroom to put in one that suits them. Likewise if you can avoid redecoration do so but if it’s a maintenance issue, i.e. ripped or torn wallpaper, paper hanging down from the ceiling, worn or dirty paintwork then we would probably recommend that it should be attended to.

Carpets can also be a problem, mainly worn stair carpets, which look awful and can be dangerous.  Worn and dirty carpet can look bad but often, rather than replacemwnt, a good carpet cleaner can make a world of difference.  We would be wary of recommending replacement of fitted floor carpets with the trend towards polished floorboards and uncovered floor areas.

If you would like one of us to visit you and give you some more individual advice on your own property either email us at or request a marketing appraisal through this website.

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