One of the reasons Dulwich has such a unique and distinctive character has a great deal to do with The Dulwich Estate.

The Dulwich Estate is a registered charity and runs the Scheme of Management which has a great deal of influence and what can and can’t be built in Dulwich.

The existence of the Dulwich Estate for many is what keeps the area looking the way it does today. What distinguishes Dulwich from its surrounding environment is the preservation of the general character of the area, and the abundance of trees and green open spaces.

The Scheme of Management was approved by the High Court in January 1974 and some 3,800 properties are now in freehold ownership and subject to the Scheme of Management rules.

Freeholders living on the Estate need to obtain prior written consent before undertaking any works to trees or alterations to the external appearance of a property or change of use.

There is also an obligation on freeholders to keep the external appearance of their property (including boundaries and gardens) in good repair and in a clean and tidy condition.

The Scheme of Management define Amenity Areas, wooded or grassy areas, the largest of which is Dulwich Woods, which are maintained by the Managers and the cost of which is included in the Scheme (previously quinquennial) Charge.