If you have a property emergency please contact one of our approved contractors directly, below is our list of Harvey & Wheeler contractors that will be available over the holidays.

Please note that most issues that are faced over the colder months are with boilers and a simple rest or top up of the boiler can fix this almost straight away. Please see advice on the following page.

Heating and plumbing

AC Wilgar - Tel: 01689 891011

Logical Heating - Tel: 020 8664 9099

Southwark Handyman - Tel: 020 3793 7921

Issues that cannot wait until the next day or after a weekend such as leaks, issues causing damage to a property

James Carmichael - Tel: 07971 992899

Southwark Handyman - Tel: 020 3793 7921


Kevin Sterling - Tel: 07956 955760

Southwark Handyman - Tel: 020 3793 7921


Callow Locksmiths - Tel: 020 8299 4737


We often find that the appliance troubleshooting guide online works, failing that please contact the appropriate manufacturer’s Service centre quoting model and reference numbers.

If you need to use these contractors and they ask for payment please do so and we will reimburse you.

If none of the above work TEXT Wesley on 07754 764 574

Please note that there won’t always be an immediate response as we may only check our phones once a day.

It should be noted that if you are intending to be away, there is an increased risk of frost damage and we request that you turn off the mains water supply at the main stopcock, leave the loft access hatch open and ensure the heating is on at a minimum temperature of 16°C for at least two periods per day.

For guidance of what constitutes an emergency please make note of the following:

  • An emergency is a sudden and unforeseen incident that needs to be fixed as soon as possible because:
  • You’ve lost essential services, such as mains drainage, heating, electric or water.
  • Your property has become permanently damaged, dangerous or uninhabitable.
  • Your health and wellbeing could be at risk.
  • Bear in mind that what you consider an emergency may not necessarily be what is an actual emergency.
  • You may think a blocked toilet is pretty urgent, but if you have another one that’s fully functioning, then it won’t be an emergency.
  • And while a dripping bathroom tap can be annoying and waste water, it won’t be considered a plumbing emergency.
  • We must make clear that should you call out a contractor for a matter that is not deemed to be an emergency and could have waited until the next working day to be dealt with this cost may not be covered by your landlord.

Troubleshooting guide for boilers

We often find that when boilers turn off / don’t work it can be down to a simple issue that can be easily resolved. You may want to have a read over this document or even Google your boiler make/model and have a quick read through the “troubleshooting guide”


Prioritising emergency repairs

Based on our experience, there are fewer contractors working over the holidays and they are especially scarce on core days such as December 24 and 25 (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). We will resolve your issues as quickly as we can. However, due to the reduced availability of contractors, urgent issues, such as broken boilers and radiators, will be prioritised. All other repairs, if left unresolved, will be dealt with when the office re-opens after until the next day or after the weekend,